SmartPLS 4 Early Access

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You can use SmartPLS 4 with your purchased SmartPLS 3 key immediately.

Alternatively, you can test SmartPLS 4 for free by registering directly in the software (Student version or Professional trial).


Official release date: August 22, 2022 (slightly delayed)

SmartPLS 4 GUI

Some highlights available in SmartPLS 4

  • a fundamentally renewed and optimized GUI
  • choose from more than 10 languages (e.g., Spanish)
  • significantly improved performance
  • data import from Excel or SPSS in addition to CSV files
  • multiple moderation (e.g., three-way interactions)
  • testing endogeneity with Gaussian copulas
  • Regression models, including many useful diagnostics and reports to fully perform the analyses
  • PROCESS type analysis, including bootstrapping of conditional direct and indirect effects
  • Necessary condition analysis (NCA) including significance testing
  • Accounting for scale type of variables in most algorithms
  • Standardized, unstandardized and mean-centered PLS-SEM analysis
  • New datafiles can be created from calculation results directly (useful for higher-order models)
  • Many new sample models are now included